As industry consultants, we observed that product development was slowed when different specialists on the same product team could not communicate effectively. Specifications and metrics from optics experts were not meaningful to engineers who were responsible for sensor and pixel design. Similarly, it was hard to envision the effects that pixel size or sensor noise could have on image processing algorithms and the final output.


We created ISET to facilitate precise communication between team members with different expertise, helping them to speed product development and improve quality. ISET is a simulation platform that solves a practical need to understand and visualize how individual system components affect the quality and performance of the whole system.

Invent – Prototype your system using the efficient and clear computational methods implemented in ISET.
It is easy to incorporate innovations such as novel color filter arrays, triple well architecture, integrated depth sensors, and to optimize your design for different applications ranging from mobile photography and medical imaging to autonomous vehicles and remote sensing.

Simulate – Once the system is expressed, ISET can simulate performance for many different types of scenes and parameters.

Analyze – ISET evaluates system performance for different parameter choices by providing realistic visualizations and industry standard performance metrics. Use these tools to optimize your design and compare it to the competition.

Communicate – ISET is delivered as an open-source package; team members can check one another’s work following best reproducible and code-development practices.