The Image Systems Engineering Toolbox (ISET) provides an extensive software environment that engineers and scientists can use to simulate and predict the performance of imaging systems.


ISET is implemented as an integrated suite of Matlab functions and data structures that
•  Represent the radiometric properties of scenes and illuminants
•  Model image formation through optical elements such as microlens arrays and camera lenses
•  Characterize the sensitivity and noise of sensors, including spatial and spectral sampling of color filter arrays (CFAs)
•   Implement image processing algorithms
•  Calculate a calibrated (radiometric) representation of the rendered image


ISET Functions

The computations used in ISET to simulate the performance of an imaging system are visible to the user because the Matlab code is included in the distribution. Users an always learn more about a function by typing “doc function” (as in “doc sensorCreate”) in the Matlab command window.
Click here to see a list and description of the ISET functions


Code Examples

The ISET distribution includes a large number of scripts that illustrate how to use the code to simulate different aspects of scenes, optics, sensors, and displays. Click on the links below to view some of these scripts.
•  Scenes
•  Optics
•  Sensors
•  Displays
•  Color
•  Metrics