Image Evaluation Tools

ISET vCamera

ISET is based on the MATLAB® programming environment and image processing toolbox.The ISET Virtual Camera (vCamera) simulates the capture and processing of visual scenes by video imaging sensors.  vCamera includes the the ability to simulate different visual scenes, imaging optics, sensor electronics and image processing pipelines. vCamera was designed to to help users evaluate how image capture components and algorithms influence image quality.  Clients use vCamera to evaluate and select the imaging sensor that is optimal for their application. 

ISET vCamera also provides clients with a scripting language. Creating ISET scripts, clients can optimize the parameters of an image-processing pipeline for different imaging conditions and hardware. 

The software package includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) through which the user can specify the physical characteristics of a scene including the viewing conditions (e.g. illuminant, viewing distance, etc), and define parameters of the optics, sensor electronics and image processing-pipeline.  The package further includes color tools based on international standards (CIE chromaticity coordinates, color matching functions, CIELAB metrics and others) to evaluate the image quality of the processed image.

ISET vCamera requires MATLAB® version 6.5 or greater and the MATLAB® image processing toolbox.

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