Until recently, we sold ISET through ImageVal to more than 80 companies in 24 countries, supporting more than 500 registered users.

We also shared ISET (freely) with many academic colleagues, including labs around the world and students who took our Stanford course on Image Systems Engineering.

Today, we are making ISET freely available to anyone and downloadable through a Github repository called ISETCAM. The use of ISET is now governed by GNU’s Copyleft license that is explained here.

We are maintaining this (ImageVal) website while we transfer information about ISET resources, tutorials and scripts to the ISETCAM wiki pages.

Our students and colleagues are using ISETCAM in innovative ways, integrating it with quantitative computer graphics (PBRT), AR/VR design, machine learning applications for rendering (L3) and automotive sensor design. We are storing the software associated with these projects in GitHub repositories listed here.

Information about a related GitHub repository, called the Image Systems Engineering Toolbox for Biology (ISETBIO), can be found here.

By creating these ISET repositories, we hope to support engineering reproducibility, provide educational tools for people entering the field, and speed progress in the exciting field of image systems engineering.

Joyce Farrell and Brian Wandell, Stanford University