The scene data were acquired with 12-bit CCD 10 Megapixel camera, 3 color filters, and tungsten illumination. The process begins by acquiring eighteen different images, including six exposure durations and three color filter conditions. The data from these images are combined to estimate the scene radiance. The multiple filters expand the spectral dimension of the scene data; the multiple exposures expand the dynamic range of the scene data. The scene radiance data range span a range of wavelengths between 380 and 1080 nm. Details about the image capture and data analysis are in Parmar et al (2008).

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Rows/Cols: 506/936
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Rows/Cols: 597/809
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Rows/Cols: 585/672
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Rows/Cols: 293/550
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Rows/Cols: 286/410
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Rows/Cols: 571/820
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