High dynamic range spectral data are essential to accurately simulate the effects of optics and sensor. Using an appropriate and high quality initial data set is essential to accurately assess system performance.

The ISET package includes images from a collection of Multispectral high-dynamic range scenes (HDRS). Each scene is represented as a multidimensional array describing the spectral radiance (photons/sec/nm/sr/m2) at each pixel in the sampled scene. The spectral radiance image data are assumed to arise from a single image plane at a specified distance from the optics. The spectral power of the scene illuminant is included with each data file. ISET provides software tools to calculate spectral reflectances and change scene illumination.

Multispectral and hyperspectral image data can be downloaded from this and other websites. ISET provides scripts to illustrate how to read and create scene radiance data from the spectral image databases listed below.

2004 Multispectral Scene Data (400 – 700 nm): Faces, Fruit, Vegetables, Toys, Flowers, Macbeth Color Checker

2004 HDR Multispectral Images (400-700 nm): Backlight person, Person in Shadow, Stanford Memorial Church Interior

2008 Multispectral Scene Data (400 – 700 nm): Faces

2009 Multispectral Scene Data: (380 – 1068 nm): Fruit, Vegetables, Books, Calibration Targets

2012 Hyperspectral Scene Data: (415 – 915 nm): High Resolution Faces

2012 Hyperspectral Scene Data (415 –  915 nm): Low Resolution Faces

2012 Hyperspectral Scene Data (415 –  915 nm): Landscape

2012 Hyperspectral Scene Data (415 –  915 nm): Fruit and Vegetables