sensor01The image sensor, which consists of an array of pixels, converts the spectral irradiance into an electrical signal. Many different sensor and pixel properties are represented in ISET, such as pixel size, fill-factor, conversion gain, well capacity, and digital sample levels. It is straightforward to model different color filter array pattern. change the sensor field of view, or experiment with different types of exposure models (e.g., bracketing).

Each pixel includes a color filter, microlens, and photodetector. Together, these elements determine the optical and electrical parameters that determine each pixel’s spectral quantum efficiency. Many optical and electrical noise properties are modeled, including photon noise, temporal noise, and fixed pattern noise.

The GUI allows the user to visualize the consequences of changing key sensor parameters, such as pixel geometry, color filter array layout, spectral response, conversion gain, sensor noise properties, exposure, ADC bit counts, dynamic range, and much more.

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